Transit Testing

Transit Testing- The Secret Behind the Perfect Package

Determining the right package is a fine balance between performance and presentation.

Packaging is not just about protecting a product. It is about the entire customer experience-from the moment that the package arrives to the final unveiling of the product.

Will your package be able to deliver?

Not sure, then let us put your package to the test.  Transit Test that is!

Our Transit Testing service will guarantee that you have the right package for your product.

And because we want the results to be objective (no white glove handling here), we outsource our transit testing to a certified 3rd party.

Give yourself the peace of mind, by putting your package to the test.

Our 3rd party certifier simulates all the challenges that could happen from the time of production to the final shipping point.

This includes:

  • Drop Tests
  • Warehouse Stacking
  • Stacking the Product Under a Load
  • Transit Testing
  • Vibration Testing

If you can imagine a scenario, we can test for it!

So, rest easy! Whether it’s a fragile product going into transit or a customized user experience, our 3rd party certified transit testing will ensure the package exceeds your expectations.


Putting the Box Unveiling Experience to the Test

As the popularity of E-commerce continues to increase, the package itself has become an essential part of the overall user experience.  Consumers are recording their box unveiling and eagerly sharing their experience with others.  The presentation of the package has become almost as important as the product itself.

We were approached by an online mattress retailer who desired a package that would embody its brand values.   They wanted to offer an incredible box unveiling experience.

But that’s not all, they wanted to load the mattress from the end and not the top of the box.

By doing this, their customer could simply open the package and roll the mattress directly onto their bed frame.

Our Mission:

We wanted to create  a package that would deliver this experience for their customer. And to make sure that we were on track, we put the package to the test.

This transit test was all about the user experience. And what better way to test it, then providing our client with their own box unveiling experience.   They saw first hand how their corrugated cardboard box stood up to the pressures of travel and were able to unwrap (and unroll) the mattress themselves.

By going that extra mile, we provided our client the confidence that they had the right package for their product.