Structural Design

Just like a custom suit conforms to the contours of your body- your package should respond to the needs of your product. This begins with a strong structural design focused on performance and enhancing the overall consumer experience.

When you partner with Moore Packaging, you will be working with an expert structural design team focused on developing the perfect package for your product, quickly and efficiently.

Nothing is taken for granted.

Every aspect of the package, including its size, materials, and design elements, all have an impact on its overall functionality.

Our structural design team works closely with our creative team to develop the right package for your product.

The process begins with the initial client meeting where we learn about your company, the specific needs of the product, and any potential packaging challenges that your company may have experienced.

Speaking of challenges, there is nothing we like more. In fact, if you have a product that has stumped other packaging companies, give us a call. We promise that you won’t leave disappointed.

Using our CAD computerized cutting design tables, our structural design team will quickly produce a quality sample for your company to review.   In fact, we’ve been known to turn around simple requests within a day.

In the end, your company will have a package that will:

  • Protect your product
  • Reflect your brand experience
  • Meet (or even exceed) your company’s sustainability goals

So, say goodbye to ill-fitted packages.  Our structural design team creates the package that will conform to the needs of your product and company (not the other way around).