Custom Printing


Flexible rubber or polymer printing plates are mounted onto a cylinder which picks up water based ink and transfers the graphics onto the corrugated sheets.



Flexography is used in
preprint where inks are
applied to the outside
liner before it is
converted into corrugated
sheet material.



Also known as litho-labeling. A printed label is laminated to the corrugated sheet. This can be a full-size label or a smaller label that is strategically adhered in a particular location.


This printing process eliminates the need for plates. Instead a computer file is sent directly to a printer and the graphics are directly plotted onto the corrugated sheets.

Silk Screen

A direct printing technique with high resolution color graphics utilizing screens.

Let us help you bring your package to the forefront with appealing graphics that will:

  • Highlight your core messages
  • Embody your brand image
  • Communicate and Connect with your consumers
  • Leave an impact

Our design team works with your company to develop the image, message, and the custom graphic technique that will bring your brand message to life!