Corrugated Packaging

For over 40 years, Moore Packaging has positioned themselves as leaders in corrugated and display packaging. Bringing expertise, innovation, and a customer forward approach that results in award-winning designs known for their ingenuity, sustainability, and durability.

Benefits of Corrugated Packaging:
Cost-Effective –  Lightweight – Functional – Versatile – Sustainable


Moore offers a variety of special coatings to enhance the performance of your packaging needs for water resistance (Environmentally friendly, foodgrade, wax replacement) heat resistance, abrasion resistance, Oil & Grease resistance, and skid resistance.


Through the use of appealing graphics you can transform your corrugated packaging into moving message makers. Seize the opportunity to create brand image and communicate your message with impact. There are a variety of different ways to apply graphics to corrugated packaging.



What is Corrugated Packaging

Created from a heavy paper called linerboard, corrugated fiberboard consists of two main parts: a liner and the medium.   The liner is a flat structure that is used both for the outer surfaces and the interior of structures.  While the medium is formed into arches or flutes, and then bonded, with starch, between the linerboard facings.

It is this series of connected arches that provides the strength of the structure; resisting bending and pressure from all directions. While, the air that circulates in the flutes provides support, structural integrity, and top to bottom protection.

But not every corrugated package is alike:

Corrugated packaging is designed to provide both the strength and protection that your product needs.  But that’s not all, the box design and the size of the flute profiles will impact the amount of cushioning, vertical compression strengths, structural integrity and graphic capability of your package.  By adopting a customized approach to our designs, Moore Packaging ensures that your company has the ideal corrugated packaging solution for your product.  Nothing more, nothing less. While our continued focus on sustainability strives to minimize the amount of material used and use space efficiently by reducing the amount of headspace within the package.

Industries we serve (click to read)

Partner with a heat treat certified pallet manufacturer that understands the unique needs of the automotive industry. Providing over 25 years, Moore Packaging has supplied packaging to both national and international automotive manufacturers including daily runs, fully erected corrugated totes (including wood pallets) and packaging shortfalls.
With speed to market at top of mind, Moore Packaging is the best solution for food and beverage packaging.  Creative designs, protective packaging, and a fully equipped copacking service, our food safe certified facility can take your package from concept to completion.
Dramatically reduce damaged medical and electronic packaging, by partnering with a company known for their structural design and extensive transit testing.  In addition to an extensive line of packaging materials, we offer optional protective, antistatic, and anti-abrasive coatings.
From food to automotive, building products to livestock, our structural and design teams strategically work together to develop the right package for your product. Moore Packaging- award winning designs that will protect your product.
Whether you are seeking a package for pharmaceuticals, health or hygiene products, Moore Packaging’s experience and customized approach will ensure that your product is both safely contained and protected.  This includes heat sensitive equipment, detailed, distinct labels and customized packages to respond to the unique needs of your product.
Make your box unveiling a memorable experience, by partnering with a packaging company that strives to reveal your brand in the box.  Beautiful designs with minimal waste and maximum protection.cluding wood pallets) and packaging shortfalls.