Team Moore

Moore Packaging is much more than a company it is a community focused on developing the best products for our clients.

So, what’s makes a Moore employee?

Honest, reliable, hard working and customer focused-a Moore employee is one that you can trust to get the job done, on time, and within budget.

When you work with Moore, you are not choosing one employee, you are working with a collaborative team that seamlessly works together to get the job done.

Our favorite question when presented with a new customer request is, “How can we do it better?”

Responsive and solution focused, our team, is committed to get the package right the first time.

A Customized Process-From Design to Development

A couple of years ago, Moore Packaging was approached by a manufacturing company to help solve a significant packaging challenge. The company needed to protect a large product, and unfortunately, their existing packaging solution was resulting in the product being damaged.

Our team agreed to take on this problem believing in Moore’s customized approach to package design.

During our initial consultation, Moore Packaging discovered the key criteria that the packaging solution needed to address. The delivery of a damage-free product was paramount.  However, the package needed to do much more then protect the product, it needed to embody the brand of the company.  They were looking for a package that would enhance the product and the overall consumer experience.

At the same time, they wanted a package that was sustainable, recyclable, and not full of foam from China.

Our structural design team met with their engineers to fully understand the challenges that they were experiencing with the original package.  This included walking through the parameters of the products with our client to discover the key areas that needed to be protected.

Our innovative software, allowed us to tweak the design onsite, ensuring that the package was exactly what our customer was seeking.


Once the company was satisfied with the package design, we conducted a package demonstration with the owner’s son. During this process, we walked our client through the entire packaging experience, from receiving the corrugated package to the final reveal of the product.

With the final nod of approval, we decided it was time to put the package through the ringer.  This involved sending the packaged product out to the lab for 3rd party testing.  Here, they simulated situations that could happen during the transportation process, including dropping the large product from 3 feet.   Although we are confident in our process, it still gives us a thrill, to open a box that had gone through the rigours and find a damage free product.

Over the years, we’ve developed a strong relationship with this client.  We’ve developed an understanding of their product and brand which has helped us develop innovative packaging that responds to their specific needs.  We are thrilled to have become a trusted supplier with this growing company.

We don’t sell boxes, we solve problems.