Moore Packaging Corporation specializes in Intelligent Corrugated Packaging Solutions.

The journey of Moore Packaging began in 1979, with founder, Peter Moore building boxes from his own garage and then selling them to local businesses. A true entrepreneur, Peter adopted several roles in his budding company including sales, designer, and shipment.

The company expanded from Peter’s garage to a full warehouse and office facility, in Barrie Ontario, producing customized high-quality packages with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Today, both of Peter’s sons are still involved in the business. Moore Packaging is and always will be a family business.  Dedicated, responsive, and hard working, Peter Moore continues to share his values with the Moore Team ensuring that the customized approach continues to be a part of every package.

It is this “Yes we can!” attitude and the customer loyalty that followed  that continues to grow Moore Packaging to an exceptional team of 220 + strong today!